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瑞格尔特已向国家知识产权局提交了 23 项专利申请。到2023年,我们已经获得了20项各种外观和实用型产品专利。

瑞格尔特(厦门)叉车属具有限公司是一家专业的叉车属具生产制造商,工厂占地2500平方米,坐落于美丽的海滨城市厦门。公司主营产品有:纸卷夹,推拉器,纸箱夹,软包夹,旋转器,侧移器,调距叉等全系叉车属具。产品适合国内外各大品牌叉车。除了标准产品以外,定制化产品服务也是我司的一大特色,从业多年来我司已经陆续为海内外客户定制了数十种搬运设备。 作为专业的叉车属具制造商,瑞格特十多年来一直致力于叉车物料搬运设备的生产和开发。 Riggerte 已向国家知识产权局提交了 23 项专利申请。到2020年,我们已获得16项专利授权,7项专利正在申请中。 欢迎新老顾客来我厂参观洽谈!
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7 tons fork clamps
Apr 17, 2024 7 tons fork clamps
The 7-ton fork clamp is independently designed and manufactured by Riegelert. It represents the highest load-bearing capacity ever produced by our company to date. Please check the attached specification and pictures for your reference.  Model No.: FC-7TA-S2330 Loading capacity: 7000KGS@600mm, 3800KGS@1100mm. Opening range: 260-2330mm Mounting Class: 4A (for 7~9tons forklift ) Fork size: 2200x150x70mm Weight: About 1623KGS Effective thickness: 274mm


Dec 26, 2023 新年快乐!
2023即将结束,无论今年过的如何,或顺境或逆境,一切都将过去。留住美好记忆,忘却痛苦悲伤,迎接新年来临。 2024愿一切平安稳妥,愿一切欣欣向荣。 瑞格尔特祝愿各位新老客户新年新气象,生意蒸蒸日上,财源广进。


Forklift Single and double pallets handler
f 08, 2022 Forklift Single and double pallets handler
Single and double pallets handler normally has 4 pcs forklift forks, 2 outer forks were controlled by hydraulic cylinders and the other inner 2 pcs were controlled by spring cylinders. When 4 pcs forks were opened, the pallet handler can handle 2 pallets and when forks were closed, pallet hander handles one only.   


how to choose correct forklift ?
Oct 09, 2023 how to choose correct forklift ?
Choosing the correct forklift for your specific needs requires considering several factors. Here are some important points to keep in mind when selecting a forklift:   Load Capacity: Determine the average load weight you will be lifting. Make sure to choose a forklift with a load capacity that exceeds your requirements.   Lift Height: Consider the maximum height to which you need to lift the loads. Forklifts come with different lift heights, so choose one that can handle your required elevation.   Environment: Assess the working environment, including floor conditions, indoor or outdoor use, narrow aisles, or rough terrain. This will help you determine the type of forklift you need, such as electric, propane, diesel, or rough terrain.   Application: Identify the specific tasks the forklift will be used for, such as loading/unloading trucks, stacking pallets, or narrow aisle operations. Different forklift models are designed for different applications, so ensure you choose one that aligns with your needs.   Attachments: Consider any special attachments you may require, such as side shifters, clamps, or rotators. Some forklifts come with integrated attachments, while others allow attachments to be added later.   Ergonomics: Ensure the forklift comes with operator-friendly features like adjustable seats, easy-to-use controls, good visibility, and comfort. Operator safety and comfort should be a priority.   Total Cost of Ownership: Take into account the total cost of ownership, including fuel costs, maintenance, parts availability, and lifespan of the forklift. Consider the long-term costs instead of just the initial purchase price.   Manufacturer and Dealer Support: Choose a reputable manufacturer and dealer that provide good customer support, spare parts availability, and maintenance services.   Operator Training: Make sure sufficient training is provided for forklift operators to ensure safe and efficient usage.   By considering these factors, you'll be able to select the most suitable forklift for your specific requirements.


What about the forklift market in Brazil ?
Oct 09, 2023 What about the forklift market in Brazil ?
The forklift market in Brazil is growing steadily and is expected to continue expanding in the coming years. Brazil has a significant demand for forklifts due to its large manufacturing sector, especially in areas like automotive, construction, and logistics.   One of the primary drivers of the forklift market in Brazil is the growing e-commerce industry, which has increased demand for warehousing and logistics services. This, in turn, has led to an increase in the need for forklifts to handle materials and goods efficiently.   Additionally, the construction sector in Brazil has been steadily growing, contributing to the demand for forklifts in the country. Forklifts are commonly used in construction sites to transport heavy materials and equipment.   The forklift market in Brazil is also witnessing a shift towards electric forklifts, driven by increasing environmental concerns and the adoption of sustainable practices. Electric forklifts are gaining popularity due to their lower emissions and lower operating costs in the long run.   Key players in the Brazilian forklift market include international brands such as Toyota, Hyster-Yale, and Mitsubishi, as well as some domestic manufacturers. These companies are actively expanding their presence in Brazil and investing in new products and technologies to cater to the growing demand.   Overall, the forklift market in Brazil presents opportunities for both domestic and international manufacturers, with the rising demand from various sectors and the shift towards electric forklifts.