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  • How to maintain a forklift ? Mar 27, 2023
    As a forklift attachment manufacturer, we don’t have practical knowledge about maintaining forklift trucks. But as per available resources, here are some general maintenance tips for forklift:   1. Regular Inspections - Conduct daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly checks to look for any parts that need replacing or fixing. 2. Fluid Levels Check - Monitor oil, hydraulic fluid, and coolant levels regularly. 3. Battery Check - Check the battery to make sure it is fully charged and the connections are clean and tight. 4. Tire Check - Ensure that the tires are inflated properly and free from any damage. 5. Cleanliness and Lubrication - Keep the forklift clean and free of debris to keep it running smoothly. Apply lubricants to moving parts. 6. Operator Training - Ensure that the operator is trained in proper operation and safety procedures. 7. Professional maintenance - Schedule regular maintenance with a certified forklift technician to identify potential issues and perform necessary repairs. 8. Replacement of Worn Parts - Keep a record of when parts were last replaced and replace them when necessary. 9. Follow the Manufacturer’s Guidelines - Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on service intervals, maintenance tasks, and fluid requirements. 10. Store Properly - Always store the forklift in a dry place away from the elements when not in use.
  • what is forklfit fork positioners ? Nov 24, 2022
    A fork positioner can help forklift driver adjust forks distance by a hydraulic controll lever. It's one of the most important forklift attachments. Normally a fork positioner has side shift function too. It's the most economic and usefull device for a forklift truck. 
  • 什么是侧移? Oct 15, 2022
  • 什么是叉车附件? Aug 25, 2022
    叉车附件是安装在叉车上的物品处理装置。它不是叉车配件,是独立的成品。叉车通常有一对货叉,主要适用于搬运有托盘的货物,但在遇到一些特殊尺寸的货物时,货叉很难安全有效地搬运。这时就需要为叉车安装专门的搬运设备来搬运特殊物料,统称为叉车属具。 叉车可以做的动作有举升、小角度倾斜、堆垛,但如果配备叉车属具,可以增加开合、旋转、推拉、侧移、大角度倾斜等动作。因此,叉车属具为叉车提供了更多的功能和灵活性,从而提高物流搬运效率,减少搬运造成的物料损失。 叉车属具主要有以下几种类型:纸卷夹、捆包夹、旋转器、货叉定位器、侧移、铰链车架、推拉、鼓夹、多托盘搬运器和纸箱夹。事实上,每一种特殊材料都可以通过特殊设计的叉车附件进行处理。
  • What is forklift carriage ? Mar 27, 2023
    Forklift carriage is a component of a forklift that is used to carry and support the forklift's lifting forks. It is a metal structure that sits on top of the mast and is attached to the hydraulic system of the forklift. The carriage contains rollers that move along the mast channels, allowing the forks to move up and down. The carriage can also be adjusted to fit different fork lengths and widths for various material handling applications. After knowing forklift carriage, we have to know more on the forklift mounting calss. The forklift carriage mounting class refers to the type of mount or attachment mechanism used to connect a forklift carriage to the mast. There are three main types of forklift carriage mounting classes, which are: 1. Class I: This is the most common forklift carriage mounting class and is used for Class I forklifts. Class I mounting is a hook-on style configuration that hangs from the top of the mast. 2. Class II: This type of forklift carriage mounting is used for Class II forklifts and is also a hook-on style configuration. However, Class II forklifts require a narrower mast channel. Forklift from 1.5~2.5T loading capacity. 3. Class III: This is a bolt-on style configuration that allows the forklift carriage to be more securely mounted to the mast. Class III mounting is typically used for Class III forklifts or less commonly for heavier Class IV and V forklifts.  In summary, the forklift carriage mounting class refers to the type of mount or attachment mechanism used to connect a forklift carriage to the mast, and there are three main classes based on the type of configuration and the forklift class they are designed for. Class I: Forklift with less than 1.5T loading capacity. Class II: Forklift from 1.5~2.5T loading capacity. Class III: Forklift from 3~4.5T loading capacity. Class IV: Forklift from 5~8T loading capacity.